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Hey there! I’m Mike Devid aka your Backyard Sensei, I’ve been sharing DIY tips for 5 years now. I’m here to help you tackle all the tricky issues that come with having a pool, setting it up, maintenance, and choosing the right accessories.

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At Backyard Sensei, I’m committed to making your pool journey easier. I’ve spent years learning the ins and outs of pool care and fixing common problems, so you can rely on me to guide you through every step.

Easy DIY Tips: I’ll break down the pool setup process and show you how to handle any problems that pop up. My goal is to make it simple for you to manage your pool.

Trusted Advice: I’ve been there, done that! You can trust my advice because it’s based on my hands-on experience. I’ll help you solve problems effectively and keep your pool problem-free.

Reliable Source: I’m dedicated to being your reliable source for all things related to backyard pools. Let’s work together to turn your pool into your favorite spot in the house!